Wireless Cat Water Fountain Cat 2L/67oz Ultra Quiet Battery Pet Water Fountain Cleanable and Assembled Pet Automatic Water Fountain 3 Flow Modes

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Package Size

  • Length(in): 9.65
  • Width(in): 9.06
  • Height(in): 5.91
  • Weight(pound): 2.43


  • Smart Equipment: Smart
  • Volume Capacity: 2L
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pet Supplies Type: Fountain
  • Pet Type: Cats
  • Power Supply: Power Supply
  • CA Prop 65: Repro. Chems: No
  • CA Prop 65: Carcinogens: No

New 4-layer filtration system

How to clean this cat water dispenser completely?

The large-capacity battery power supply system can provide the cleanest water for pets in any environment

Visual water storage tank

The water storage tank of this pet water dispenser is made of ABS (BPA-Free). You can determine whether the water is sufficient through the transparent part. During normal operation, the transparent window will turn on the blue light. When the product water is about to run out, the transparent window will turn on the red light.


Mode switch button

The left half of the operation panel is the mode switch button and two mode indicators. The left indicator is in intelligent mode, and the right indicator is in standard mode. When the water dispenser is started, it will automatically enter the intelligent mode. If no pet enters the sensing range for a long time, it will automatically enter the Timer mode. Briefly press the switch button, and it will enter the Standard mode.

Power button

On the right half of the operation panel are the power button, filter indicator and power indicator. When the indicator light of the filter element is on for a long time, the filter element needs to be replaced. After the replacement, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to reset. The power indicator light is red, and the breathing mode flickers to indicate that the power is insufficient. The power indicator light is red, and the water dispenser is about to stop working. The power indicator light is green and the breathing mode flashes to indicate that charging is in progress. The power indicator light is green, which means that the charging is completed.

Two charging modes

This pet water dispenser has two charging modes: 1. You can plug the power cord into the side charging port of the cat water dispenser. In this case, you can run the product while charging. 2. You can remove the battery and plug the power cord directly into the top of the battery.

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